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In March 2005, PGPARTIST COPYRIGHT was founded by Orfeu de SantaTeresa. Managing Director for the company MD Peter A. A. Werner.   


Years of own experience due to the interest in the creative design and collection of works of art as well as historical vehicles enabled us to expand our work in March 2009 to the operation of the online gallery KUNST-LEBEN.COM. There is also close cooperation with photographers, IT specialists, art and offset printers, photo and frame designers, musicians and our trustworthy suppliers of materials and goods. 


Of course, the company is active on many international online portals and social networks. It was easy for us to offer a large selection of our own works of art at attractive prices in a short time, because we can obtain the works of art directly from the artist Orfeu de SantaTeresa. We are now one of the world's leading providers of art and commerce. We attach great importance to only offering works of art that are actually in stock with us and are therefore immediately available. Our over 100,000 displayed works of art by the artist Orfeu de SantaTeresa can be added to your own art collection at short notice and do not have to wait for a delivery for weeks or, in the worst case, get a rejection. 


Every work of art ordered by the artist Orfeu de SantaTeresa is hand signed, certified and limited to 888 pieces worldwide in perfect fine art print quality, depending on the individual customer request. 


You can place a binding order with us online, by email or by post. 


Our international customers appreciate our reliability and high quality of the works of art on offer, as well as our personal service via our hotline. 


All orders are processed by us within 24 hours. After successful receipt of payment, only prepayment, the print approval and shipping to the customer take place. Every order is checked very carefully before dispatch so that no wrong or defective goods arrive at the customer. 


Since we are only active online and prefer direct sales, we can set ourselves apart from 

our competitors with very affordable pricing. –

at home...

our activities

Print -              we can produce the highest quality digital art prints
Graphic -         we create images with graphic software programs
Performance - we will present works of art in the highest perfection

our customers

- get art works directly from the artist
- tailored, individually and elegantly timeless art printing directly from the Art printing plant
- for a reliable pre-calculation for a moderate price quotation and ordering

the team

- forms depending on the order of artists of all ART

- ITspecial forces, web and media designersart and offset printing professionals Images and frame designersas well as our reliable material and raw material suppliers not to mention all the people behind and on stage at events of all ART

When placing an order and you have great 24 hours available in any weather

where YOU want us.-



If you want to work independently and responsibly with us, send us a message.

They are a visual artist, photographer or some form of productive creative work, so we are eager to meet you.

You work as a model or want to do this are of legal age, female or male, so we look forward to seeing you.

They like to sell on commission? May be you are the right partner for uswe look forward to hearing from you.

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Peter A. A. Werner MD

Casimir-Katz-Straße 28 d

D-76593 Gernsbach / Europe

phone +49(0)7224 623651

mobile +49(0)170 4178833

E-mail: pgpartist@web.de

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