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Here you will find a selection of the photographic art of the artist Orfeu de Santa Teresa, passionate photodesigner and photographer. In this online gallery, you can marvel at the variety of the photographer's expressive pictures. Brilliant colors coupled with excellent lighting conditions make this art experience unique.

In the photographs of the artist you will encounter color intensity, variety of ideas and a large amount of contrasts, without any post-processing. In the expression of the works of Orfeu de SantaTeresa radiates in different intensity, the pure unadulterated vitality of the motives, the associated authenticity of the motives is experienced for the viewer.

The photographic art of Orfeu de SantaTeresa is the living expression of transferring the depicted motif, indeed bringing it visually tangible to the viewer and stimulating his imagination. Associated with this, your emotions are directly addressed; but the interpretation of the photographic works is always left to the viewer.

Regardless of any interpretation, the photographic works of art can be enjoyed purely aesthetically, depending on their variety of motifs, gentle color gradients and pictorial compositions, depending on their size, material and placement.

Undeterred by all the art movements, it is of course for the photographer Orfeu de SantaTeresa to create reproducible photographic works in the field of fine print, as a printed product of the size of a stamp up to the house wall or larger, on all printable materials everything is possible at moderate prices. All photo art shown, can be ordered as a high quality yet affordable art print in our shops or directly here.

Immerse yourself in the creative photographic diversity of Orfeu de SantaTeresa, join us and be surprised.

Have fun!

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